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Engage for the Future

Carrying on NEOMA’s momentum of transformation in the service of young people to address the major challenges of the future and to establish itself as a leader in the long term

“ENGAGE FOR THE FUTURE”: NEOMA’s 2023-2027 strategic plan

Since the launch of its previous strategic plan, NEOMA has developed significantly and has met all of the growth targets set in 2018. “The School is now reaping the benefits of a successful merger and I would like to commend the exceptional work of all the teams who have enabled NEOMA to follow a very positive trajectory over the past five years,” says Delphine Manceau, NEOMA’s Dean.

Strengthened by these results, NEOMA wishes to reinforce its current dynamic whilst also responding to the major challenges of the future.

It is in this unprecedented context that the School launches its new 2023-2027 strategic plan. Entitled “Engage for the Future”, its ambition is to carry on NEOMA’s transformation momentum in the service of young people in order to address the major challenges of the future and to establish itself as an enduring leader in higher education.

An ambitious strategic plan built around 3 pillars

With “Engage for the Future”, NEOMA is committed to working with young people to respond to tomorrow’s challenges, focusing on three pillars.

Engage for Academic Excellence
Teaching and Research
Engage for Society
Impact and Exemplarity
Engage for Students
Learning Experience
Delphine MANCEAU



NEOMA is opening a new chapter in its growth to further accelerate its drive for progress and transformation. We have a clear objective: to respond ever more effectively to the aspirations of young people and to enable our students to become committed players in the transformation of companies and society.