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The strong ambition to be a leading challenger

Having entered a post-merger phase, NEOMA Business School has built its new strategic plan around a clear ambition: to develop and challenge the established practices in the sector.

NEOMA Business School is made up of more than 67,000 women and men, students, professors, staff and alumni, who focus their energy on the shared ambition:

to be an innovative challenger to the major international business schools.

By adopting a more flexible approach, characterised by the ‘test and learn’ method and driven by the desire to push back boundaries, NEOMA Business School has opted to move out of its comfort zon,. The School not only seeks to follow innovations, but also to create them. To meet this ambition to be a challenger, NEOMA Business School is focusing on 3 main area

3 strategic priorities

  • Focusing on educational innovative: by anticipating transformations and new learning methods, with an experiential and digital dimension at the heart of this project
  • Reinventing the international experience: our global network of 300 outstanding universities contributes to enhancing the student exchange experience, which is always more meaningful when spent in “immersion” abroad.
  • Applying 360° expertise: by developing the synergies of its various activities (programmes, research, Executive Education and business) through the setting up of five centres of expertise aimed at maintaining close contact with the issues of business transformation:
    – “Fintech & Cryptofinance” centre,
    – “Mobility” Centre,
    – “Entrepreneurship” centre,
    – “Europe-Asia” centre,
    – “Audit & Consulting” centre.

NEOMA Business School conducts this approach with a constant respect for the aspirations and well-being of each individual, with the aim of building a school that reshapes everyday life!

Delphine MANCEAU


Our mission has changed. we now have to train our students in emerging skills and for the professions that do not exist yet. What would we like to challenge? Ourselves, first of all! But also, our international approach, our teaching methods, our digital vision and the structure of our campuses. Our objective is not simply to follow innovations, but to create them.