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Be passionate. Shape the future


At NEOMA, we are passionate about today’s societal transformations and the challenges related to the technological revolution, the place given to people, social utility and ecology. As an actor in higher education, we are convinced that education must open up new pathways that shape the future. A better future for economic, social and environmental development in France and all over the world. The school pursues this ambition through its teaching and research activities and guides its students to play an active role in the transformation of companies. This is how we train the architects of tomorrow’s world, people who yearn for meaning and who aspire to building the society of the future. The new brand tagline epitomises this project to the full.

The result of a comprehensive reflection involving all NEOMA stakeholders (students, graduates, professors and staff members), the new brand platform evokes the objectives undertaken by the school and its members and how they can be achieved with passion and commitment. It is a forceful and distinctive tagline that brings the entire school community together with a view to inspiring and training those who will build tomorrow’s world.

Our identity


IMAGINEOMA is an in-depth reflection achieved by the School in 2018. It is a collaborative approach, implicating alumni, faculty, professors and staff members. The objective being to consider the School’s history and intrinsic characteristics and therefore define its true singularity.

Our core beliefs

  • Fostering synergies: NEOMA Business School forges strong links between its stakeholders by encouraging close cooperation and inter-generational exchange. NEOMA Business School breaks down boundaries between communities in a bid to harness diversity. By connecting expertise, aspirations and projects, students are at the heart of a network where they can experiment, test and learn. Associated Behaviour: Openness
  • Leveraging uncertainty: Our school is constantly reinventing itself: by adapting to new trends and new student generations and by creating the innovations of the future through experimentation, ground-breaking teaching approaches and redesigning student experience. In a profoundly changing environment, uncertainty becomes an opportunity that can be leveraged for innovation. And just like the players in the digital economy, NEOMA Business School keeps challenging itself, evolving and refusing to rest on its laurels. Associated Behaviour: Innovation
  • Creating possibilities: Today’s students are the architects of tomorrow’s world. NEOMA Business School empowers students to shape their own future. When they join the school, they discover and acquire the skills, methods and tools necessary to shape their own ambitions and professional lives. Our mission is to support all students in designing and building their own projects and in achieving their personal goals. Associated Behaviour: Excellence
  • Putting people first: We are convinced that when you join NEOMA Business School, as a professor, student or staff member, you add a new dimension to the school’s identity. Our school allows each person to develop not only their professional skills, but also their inner spirit, whilst striving to contribute to the happiness of each and every one. People are at the heart of our values. Associated Behaviour: Respect