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Openness, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Respect & Excellence

In a constantly changing environment, NEOMA Business School is guided in its daily activities by four key values: Openness, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Respect and Excellence. These are the core values the school aims to share with its students, graduates and more generally, the communities that flourish within its environment.

  • Openness is more than ever regarded as an essential value. In an ever-changing world, curiosity, adaptability, open-mindedness and a desire for innovation are an essential means to finding solutions.
  • The notion of Entrepreneurial Spirit is equally crucial. It relates to the ability to take initiatives, develop innovative projects and mobilise the relevant human or material resources.
  • Respect for others, synonymous with tolerance without compromising critical thinking, which implies a sense of moral responsibility and a passion for dialogue. In this sense, respect is not considered as a passive attitude, but as a commitment. Associated with openness and entrepreneurship, showing respect implies a willingness to interact with others and behave socially and responsibly.
  • Excellence is the guiding principle of performance. That is why NEOMA Business School is constantly working to improve all areas of its activity.