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Virtual campus

A fourth, 100% virtual campus

NEOMA was the first school in Europe to open its permanent virtual campus in September 2020.  It is a unique innovation in Europe due to its scope in the world of education technology, which demonstrates NEOMA’s commitment to high education innovation and stands as a creation of a new learning environment at the crossroads of in-class and remote learning.

A high-quality immersive experience

Avatars interacting in virtual spaces

NEOMA students, professors and employees take form online as personalised avatars.

Taking or giving a course, joining a work group, attending a conference while also playing sports or taking a boat ride, everyone meets up in this new space, just like on a real campus.

The virtual campus is an environment added to the existing learning spaces, guaranteeing the richest academic experience possible, even remotely, in addition to the in-class courses.

Collaborative work and discussions are encouraged

Accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, it allows everyone to connect anywhere in the world, international students and professors as well as those on exchange or doing internships abroad.

The virtual campus also hosts seminars and meetings and serves as a collaborative workspace between NEOMA students, professors and employees.

The design quality and usability of the personalised avatars further stimulate the immersive experience. The virtual campus creates a sense of connection, enables natural reflexes in group situations and recreates spontaneous interactions, typically weak points in videoconference platforms.