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CO2 Emissions


The carbon footprint is measured and actions are put in place to encourage soft modes of transport and reduce the carbon impact on our campuses.

Green hydrogen: energy of the future?

“In fact, hydrogen is neither completely clean nor dirty. It depends on the way that it is produced.” Insight from Valéry Michaux, Professor of Strategic Management and Organisations at NEOMA on this possible source of energy in the context of energy transition. Read more

The mail Detox challenge

The first step in operation Digital Clean up, ‘Mail Detox’, began in January 2020, starting from the observation that the use of digital has an impact on the environment that is generally little known. For 6 weeks, one weekly challenge was set for colleagues in an internal newsletter and for students via social networks: to empty their inbox, to favour low definition for links and attachments, to have discussions on the telephone, to unsubscribe from pointless newsletters, etc. Read more


Mobility Challenge

From 16 to 22 September 2019, NEOMA and the student associations, Ethika in Rouen and Oikos in Reims, invited students and colleagues to participate for the third consecutive year in the Mobility Challenge aimed at encouraging alternative means of transport: cycling, walking, tram, bus, train, car sharing, etc.
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