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Our CSR policy

The responsibility of NEOMA Business School is to participate in the training of future generations of responsible managers, contributing to the evolution of businesses towards more inclusive organisations and committing to responding to environmental, social and societal issues.


To achieve these objectives, the School has a CSR Directorate, a CSR Steering Committee and a CSR Committee – involving the student community and the services concerned – which together and in cooperation with each other are constructing an action plan.

Key figures:

  • thématiques RSE

    Over 200 courses include CSR themes

  • Programme Grande Ecole

    A ‘Global in CSR’ pathway in the Master in Management NEOMA BS

  • Bourses et apprentissage

    27% of students are financially assisted (grants and apprenticeships):
    NEOMA is the number 1 School in the French Top 12

  • Une logique de partenariats

    24 responsible and inclusive student societies

  • miel récoltés

    12 bee hives and 300 kg of honey collected every year

  • hommes femmes

    42% of the teaching body are women

  • hommes femmes

    21% of the administrative staff are women

  • hommes femmes

    50% of the student community are women

NEOMA has constructed its action plan around 3 focus areas:

  1. A sustainable campus
  2. Diversity
  3. Teaching and research

The actions refer to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are presented in alphabetical form ABCDE:

NEOMA is a signatory to:
Principles for Responsible Management Education (United Nations Global Compact)
The diversity charter (CPU-CGE-CDEFI)
  • CPU: Conference of University Presidents
  • CGE: Conference of ‘Grandes Ecoles’
  • CDEFI: Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools
The Disability charter (CGE)
The engagement charter in favour of inclusion and respect for diversity (CGE)
The Rouen climate agreement – COP21, led by CESAR
  • CESAR: Conference of Higher Education of the Conurbation of Rouen
The regional agreement for equality between boys and girls, between men and women in the education system of Normandy
Appeal – To train all students in higher education in climate and environmental issues (The Shift Project)