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Digital transformation

NEOMA Business School places the question of meaning at the heart of its digital transformation strategy, so that technologies can multiply the relevance of our teaching and the effectiveness of our School.

For several years now, we have been using the most recent innovations in our teaching (3D printers, virtual and augmented reality, robots, AI, etc.), in order to familiarise our students with using these technologies.

Furthermore, in 2016 we were the first Business School in the world to create and roll out to thousands of students a case study in immersive marketing by virtual reality. This innovation was recognised world-wide and won awards, so we then used this expertise to go further with the learning experience offered at NEOMA and completely transformed it: learning spaces, methods, tools and teaching content were all involved.

Three teams in the service of the School’s digital transformation

The digital transformation of the school is structured around three teams:

  • The Digital Transformation Department, which is organised into two areas:
    • The Learning Lab that aims to explore new tools, content, teaching methods and spaces. This is our experimentation and innovation area.
    • The Digital Organisation Hub that aims to support the digital transformation of all services, roles and professions in the School as an organisation.
  • The Innovative Teaching Department, which aims to roll out across the Faculty the most effective tools, technologies and approaches in terms of teaching and learning.
  • The Information Systems Department, which ensures the School’s IT infrastructures are developed and maintained in operational condition.

An ambitious objective: to create the teaching of the twenty-first century

Finally, the digital transformation of the School relies on our faculty members who publish at the highest level on subjects related to technological innovations. It also feeds into all our teaching programmes so that they are in line with the world of today.

Overall, our objective is not to follow innovation but to create it in order to offer a learning experience that is at one and the same time unique, outstanding and meaningful in the lives of our students.

Alain Goudey, Chief Digital Officer, NEOMA BS
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