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Technology at NEOMA

Technologies are changing the world at a very high pace. Among the Top 10 strategic technology trends from Gartner, we have chosen to focus on five critical digital technologies that already shape the world.

In our view, these five technologies are exciting as they shape both the future of business and the future of education. They are significantly disrupting and open a wide field of opportunity. Focusing on these technologies allows NEOMA to question, explore, and innovate in higher education to benefit our entire community. We therefore include these technologies in our research as well as in our pedagogy.

Moreover these technologies are also integrated on a daily basis to help the School, as an organisation, augment its efficiency in providing a cutting-edge experience for every member of its community: staff members, Professors and also students.

Select one of the technologies below to find out more about how we handle it at the School:

Big Data / Data analytics
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