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Ed Tech

« Educational Technology » : teaching and training technologies.

Where Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE) cover the digital tools and products that can be used for education and training, EdTech technology refers to all of the start-ups, companies and organisations possessing innovative technological expertise focused on knowledge, its learning and transmission.


Our pedagogic approach consists in implementing these new technologies through a clear perspective on the value found in using each one. We develop an innovative pedagogy in order to do things differently and prepare our students for today’s world.

To do this, we have adopted a “test and learn” approach where we first identify promising technology so we can then bring it into the classroom to accurately assess its impact on learning.

As a pioneer in the use of Immersive Virtual Reality as an innovative pedagogic tool, NEOMA BS has positioned itself as a continually recognised player in EdTech, one that contributes to the advances in the use of new technologies in higher education.