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Governance structure

NEOMA Business School becomes an Establishment of Higher Education for Commerce (EESC) from 1st January 2018.

This new legal structure gives the School a new legal entity and a new Board of Directors. It is a major move towards its development ambitions.

NEOMA Business School is entering a new phase of development and this change of legal structure will fully support its plans. The School will be better placed to respond to the increasingly stringent demands of a constantly changing environment. This new setting will make it possible to broaden its sources of financing and to implement a policy of dynamic investment. The founding shareholders are the Chambers of Commerce of Marne-en-Champagne and Rouen Métropole, the NEOMA Business School association and the NEOMA ALUMNI association. This new legal structure will enhance independent management. NEOMA Business School will continue to work in close collaboration with the ICCs as its main preferential partners. This does not preclude the School from later broadening the capital to other investors to reinforce its resources and support its expansion.

The new Board of Directors of the School is made up of 24 members:

  • 6 representatives of the ICC of Marne in Champagne
  • 6 representatives of the ICC of Rouen Métropole
  • 6 independent administrators
  • 2 representatives of the teaching body
  • 1 representative of the administrative staff
  • 1 representative of the students
  • 1 representative of the Alumni
  • 1 representative of the NEOMA Foundation.

In accordance with the regulations relating to this new status, any future profit the establishment may make will not give rise to any distribution of dividends and will be allocated to the building up of reserves.

To complete this project, the Board of Directors may draw on the support of the Bureau. A direct offshoot of the Board of Directors, its role is to prepare major decisions for submission for consideration by the Board and to oversee the implementation of decisions taken by the Board.

Michel-Edouard Leclerc
President of Centres E.Leclerc, brings together the group of independent business people trading under this name and leads the strategy committee. He holds a Doctorate in Economic Sciences. As a business developer, he has broadened the brand’s field of action and continues to open it up to new markets: fuel, jewellery, health and beauty, travel, etc. and is setting in motion the brand’s transition towards a multi-channel distribution model. As the embodiment of the eponymous brand created by his father, Edouard Leclerc, he has enhanced the identity of the brand by adding to the historical values it already has that of social responsibility, implemented by the Movement in tangible actions to promote health, the environment and culture.

Delphine MANCEAU has worked in different management positions in higher management education, first at ESCP Europe, as Director of the Master in Management Programme and degree programmes (2005-2008) then as Director of the Corporate Division in charge of Executive Education and corporate partnerships (2011-2016), and finally as Dean of EBS European Business School, Paris (2016-2017).

Delphine Manceau holds a PhD in Management Sciences from HEC Paris, is authorised to supervise research (“HDR”), and was Senior Fellow at Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania). She teaches marketing and innovation.

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