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Erasmus Charter

NEOMA Business School, Erasmus + Charter Holder

As a holder of the Erasmus charter and in keeping with our international strategy, NEOMA Business School is fully committed to developing linguistic and professional skills throughout our community.

This charter benefits all students who wish to have an educational, international experience in a European country. Whether it is an academic stay, professional training or an internship, this experience can take many forms depending on each student’s plans.

Their objective however remains the same: to offer you exposure to a different country and culture that will contribute to increasing your chances of finding work in an international, professional environment!

For your international travel plans, you can request Erasmus European funding that will finance a part of your trip and stay abroad.

Our staff is available to assist you in identifying the type of trip that will best meet your expectations and to help you with all of your other plans.

The allocated Erasmus+ budget is limited.  Depending on the amount allocated to NEOMA by the ERASMUS+ Agency students may obtain partial grants from the European funds or may not be eligible for the grant at all.

More information on the Erasmus programme here