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Your international studies

All of the programmes at NEOMA offer at least some significant international experience through study exchanges, internships and time in incubators.

International experience in the Master in Management Programme

With NEOMA’s Master in Management Programme, the international component is in 5G mode. You can spend up to three years abroad among the five immersion programmes to be combined based on your choices:

  • Global 1000: 6 months on exchange
  • Global 2: 2 exchange semesters/2 countries
  • Global Incubator: 6 months on exchange & incubator
  • Global Double Degree: 1 year for one diploma
  • Global Internship: support with internships done abroad

You can also choose to do the entire curriculum in English, starting in the first year.

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International experience in CESEM

A French specialist in dual diplomas since 1974, the CESEM offers you two diplomas for twice as many opportunities. With its three international tracks (Europe, Americas, Asia), the CESEM enables you to spend two full years abroad and earn two bachelor’s degrees, a French one and an international one. You also receive bilingual instruction in French and English or tri-lingual education depending on your selected track.

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International experience in the Global BBA

You choose the length of your international academic exchange, doing either one semester or one year in one of our partner universities located throughout the world. You do at least a six-month internship abroad. You can continue or start a LV2 or a LV3 during your programme.

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International experience in TEMA

TEMA gives you the opportunity to have an international experience through internships and academic exchanges. Half of the curriculum is offered in English. The programme includes an immersive semester in tech/digital or design in France or abroad and one year abroad at one of our partner universities. All the internships can be done outside of France. You can thus work for up to twenty-one months in a company abroad. You can also accrue international entrepreneurial experience and take optional LV2 LV3 tracks.

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International experience in the Masters of Science

The MSc programmes at NEOMA train students in a high-level specialisation in an international context. They can be taught in English and welcome students of various nationalities.

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International experience in the Global Executive MBA

The programme is taught completely in English. It includes visits to successful international companies and two unique immersive experiences: two, one-week seminars on two continents in New York City and Accra, Ghana.

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Hana, MiM student, at Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil

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