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Our international partners

A powerful, dynamic and international network playing a key strategic role

To implement our international strategy, the school relies on an extensive network of high-quality international partners, whose particular aims and outlook runs parallel to the mission, ambitions and strategy of the school.

Our international academic partnerships, agreements and exchanges take numerous, innovative and flexible forms.

They are governed by specific agreements to ensure that our stakeholders, both faculty and students, benefit from inspiring, innovative, and positive learning experiences.

Keeping up close connections with our partners is essential to fostering long-lasting relationships. That is why we make sure to keep our network active by regularly visiting and contacting each partner. These contacts offer us the chance to routinely reassess the suitability of each agreement, its content and its alignment with our strategy and needs.

NEOMA Business School continually looks to expand its network with partners who share the same international perspective. If you are interested in this partnership opportunity, please contact us.

A wide range of agreements ensuring high-quality cooperation

Our international partnerships are governed by carefully crafted agreements that ensure high-quality cooperation:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) allows NEOMA BS to begin negotiating a specific agreement with a partner school. The MOU is the precursor to all the types of cooperation and confirms that the partner organisation is aligned with the mission, vision, values and aspirations of NEOMA BS.
  • The student exchange agreement allows the equal exchange of students between NEOMA BS and an accredited international institution based on a detailed, legally binding contract. It addresses all of the administrative and pedagogical concerns.
  • The double-degree agreement specifies the criteria that each partner institution must honour in the delivery of one or more programmes jointly offered by both schools.
  • The faculty exchange agreement enables faculty to participate in short-term exchanges with partner institutions in order to conduct research and/or teach.
  • The strategic partner agreement on innovative, high added-value programmes: Entrepreneurs Across Borders and its international network of business school incubators, and immersive programmes specialising in finance, big data and CSR among other subjects.

A network based on rigorous criteria, providing mutual benefits

To ensure that each agreement is properly implemented and that all the institutions involved are completely satisfied, NEOMA Business School selects its partners on the basis of rigorous criteria for the mutual benefit of all parties:

  • Relevance of the agreement to the school’s academic, research and service priorities and plans
  • Alignment of the agreement’s scope with the institution’s mission and outlook
  • Anticipated benefits for students, faculty members and other internal and external stakeholders
  • Quality compliance by partner institution with the best international standards (accreditations, reputation, rankings, etc.).

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