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Dive deep into the transformative world of Generative AI at our Exclusive Conference on May 30th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, followed by a networking cocktail reception.

• Introduction to Generative AI and its latest developments: Understanding its ability to produce original content from vast datasets, encompassing text, images, and sounds.
• Impacts on Individuals, Organizations, and Society: Examining the transformative potential from personal creativity to societal advancements.
• Risks and Ethical Considerations: Addressing the challenges and mitigation strategies related to misuse, privacy, and biases in Generative AI.
• Future Trends and Predictions: Insights into the evolving capabilities of Generative AI and its influence on regulatory landscapes and societal norms.
Come and explore the cutting-edge developments in Generative AI with us!
Seats are limited, so register today to secure your spot!

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30 MAY

6 pm to 8 pm

Paris Campus


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