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Join us for ‘Sustainability Integration: Past, Present, and Future’ at our Exclusive Round Table on May 23rd, from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm. This event will feature expert-led discussions on key topics like Green and Climate Finance, Socially Responsible and ESG Investing. Conclude the evening by connecting with industry leaders and changemakers at our networking cocktail reception.

Organising Committee

Sara Ain Tommar (NEOMA Business School)
Sami Attaoui (NEOMA Business School)
Emma Li (Deakin University)


Scientific Board

Jung-Hyun Ahn (NEOMA Business School)
Eser Arisoy (NEOMA Business School)
Messaoud Chibane (NEOMA Business School)
Chekib Ezzili (Barclays)
Marc Lenglet (NEOMA Business School)
Jiansun Li (George Mason University)
Andrea Lu (University of Melbourne)
Zhengwei Wang (Tsinghua University (PBCSF))
Luo Yan (Fudan University)

Associated programme

22 MAY

6 pm to 7 pm

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