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Press release

A New communication campaign for NEOMA

Published on 20 May 2020 by NEOMA

As the new brand platform launched at the end of 2019, NEOMA’s new advertising campaign aims to illustrate the “Be Passionate. Shape The Future” tagline and to strengthen the School’s brand visibility and awareness in France and abroad.

 The new campaign will appear in a range of national and international media from the end of April 2020 and is centredaround a selection of key words, similar to a declaration of enthusiasm and action for the future.

 In direct relation to the new tagline, “Be Passionate. Shape The Future”, the creative approach to the campaign, entitled “One Word”, is based on a series of inspiring words that embody the School’s positioning. Passion, Fulfilment, Encouragement, Transformation, Innovation, Vocation, Immersion… each word, in French and in English, is a declaration of enthusiasm, action, positivism and openness to the future. These long-standing values are very much a part of the School’s DNA and a reflection of hope that has become all the more relevant with the current situation.

“Branding plays a key role on the global Higher education market. Strong elements are essential to ensure that the brand image is easily recognised,” says Benoit Anger, Associate Dean for Corporate Development & Communication. “Our passionate teachers pass on their knowledge to equally passionate students.  We guide them along the way to becoming key players in the positive transformation of organisations. The idea behind the new campaign is to provide a clear and coherent illustration of our mission to our target audience.” 

The graphic code continues to capitalise on the School’s traditional purple colour and distinctive hemispheres forming the letter “O” of NEOMA, to create a strong visual identity.

“Once again, our strategy has been to create a coherent and credible brand message that is firmly in line with the School’s historical background,” explains Stéphanie Everaert, Director of Communications. “The words we have selected have been taken directly from members of our community and we have opted for visual images that depict the students in real situations, except for professional training, and a new on-campus photo and video shoot will be set up as soon as possible.”

The new campaign, created by MUTANT, has the clear objective of strengthening NEOMA’s brand awareness and image in France and abroad. The launch was held at the end of April 2020 and is aimed primarily at high school and university students, parents and executives. 

“Our strategy focuses on the kind of digital media our target audience tends to use a lot,” says Stéphanie Everaert. “We have also opted for powerful, affinity levers that prioritise coverage and recall”.

This communication campaign is addressed to all NEOMA Business School stakeholders and demonstrates the School’s firm commitment to its primary objective: to educate passionate students in their quest for meaning, to play a role in the economy, to be inspired and inspiring and capable of building the society of the future: the architects of tomorrow’s world. “This campaign was conceived long before the exceptional situation we are currently going through,” says Benoit Anger. “It was not created as a response to this unprecedented scenario, but it is intended as a source of inspiration and hope for the post-crisis period.”

This communication campaign was also declined in videos to discover below:


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