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Press release

Design, communication, creation, digital tech… TEMA reinforces the cross-functional development of its programmes with eight new partners

Published on 13 April 2021 by NEOMA

TEMA stands out with an innovative position centred on the triple skillset of management, creativity and digital technology. In keeping with its commitment to teaching blended, multi-discipline skills, this five-year higher education programme works with eight new partners as part of its design and digital technology semester. ESAD Reims, ESAD Orléans, e-artsup, ISCOM, Intuit Lab School, Emile Cohl School, Rubika and EFREI will open their doors to TEMA students for the coming academic year so they can have a six-month experience that will foster the cross fertilisation of shared projects and promote the acquisition of additional skills in the areas of art, design and digital technology.

Eight new recognised partners specialised in design, communication, creation and digital technology

Digital transformation has become a reality for all the sectors of activity in the world today and with it comes the need for companies to innovate and reinvent. “In this context, innovation management has become a key skill,” Anne-Laure Herard, TEMA director, said. “The importance of developing synergies between the TEMA programme and major academic actors in design, communication and digital technology has quickly become clear.”

 TEMA will work with eight new partners as part of its immersive semester:

  • ESAD Reims, for immersion in the field of arts and design
  • ESAD Orléans, for immersion in design related to digital and environmental challenges
  • e-artsup for immersion in creation and digital design
  • ISCOM for immersion in communication digital creation
  • Intuit Lab School, for immersion in visual communication digital design
  • Emile Cohl School, for immersion in art, computer graphics and art project management
  • Rubika, for immersion in the field of design and video games
  • Efrei Paris, for immersion in digital strategy and digital project management techniques

“This ambitious and challenging exchange semester is only organised with complementary schools that offer well-proven excellence in their courses,” Anne-Laure Herard said. “We are especially proud to work with eight institutions that are recognised in their fields, alongside the nine graduate schools that we teamed up with to launch this semester last year.”

TEMA students will enter the classes of the eight partners starting in September 2021.

TEMA: a blended, multi-discipline programme

Created more than twenty years ago to support businesses facing wide-ranging technological changes, TEMA has shifted to focus on the triple skillset combining management, creativity and digital technology. “This transition was natural. Our programme is constantly changing to train agile and creative managers for the digital age who can create their own start-ups or assist companies in their major digital changes,” Anne-Laure Herard, programme director, said.

It’s in keeping with this solid positioning that the TEMA programme has further developed for the start of the past academic year with an immersive semester focused entirely on design, creativity or digital technology, which is offered in the programme’s second year. “This new mandatory programme feature is provided to fully complement the courses taught in our programme and contribute to reinforcing the students’ hybrid skills while giving them a true understanding of these environments.”