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Press release

Gilbert CETTE joins NEOMA Business School as a member of the teaching/research staff

Published on 01 July 2021 by NEOMA

The French economist Gilbert Cette will be joining the teaching staff of NEOMA from January 2022. A major participant in the public discussion related to economic issues, Gilbert Cette is President of the Group of Experts on the SMIC (minimum wage), appointed by the government. A former member of the Economic Analysis Council (CAE), he is a leading reference figure on matters of the labour market, growth and productivity. Gilbert Cette enjoys a strong media presence and produces high-quality research, published in the best international academic journals. His arrival at NEOMA will contribute much to the development dynamic to which the School is committed.

Gilbert Cette specialises in issues related to productivity, the labour market, social rights and growth. As an economist he makes his recognised expertise available to public policies, especially by presiding over the Group of Experts on the SMIC (minimum wage) responsible every year for making recommendations on how it should develop. He is an active contributor to the public debate on these central matters with his very frequent media appearances. At the same time, Gilbert Cette enjoys true recognition on the international academic scene through the publication of numerous research articles in leading world journals.

 “We are delighted to welcome Gilbert Cette to the teaching body of NEOMA,” announced Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA. “He is a renowned economist, the author of many books and articles on the areas of growth, productivity, the labour market, and social rights. His regular contributions to the public debate as well as the quality of his research will be real and serious assets both to the learning experience of our students and to the research production dynamic to which our School is committed.”

Along with his teaching on the Master in Management, Gilbert Cette will lead several conferences related to his expertise with students and with classes preparing for their degree courses.

“I am truly delighted to be joining NEOMA Business School, renowned for its academic excellence and culture of innovation. I was also attracted by the spirit and friendliness that characterise this School,” explained Gilbert Cette. “This role of teacher and researcher with the younger generation is both stimulating and essential. Questions of growth and productivity, as well as understanding the changes affecting the labour market, have never been so essential. I will be very happy to share my expertise in this area with the students and therefore help give them the keys to understanding current and future economic and social issues.”