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“I did go to Business School after all!” Two NEOMA Business School professors decrypt atypical career paths after business school

Published on 08 October 2020 by NEOMA

Why do people move from the open space of a large audit firm to the bakery? What drives some graduates of the Grandes Ecoles to “change their lives”, to leave a comfortable situation acquired through long studies, to embark on a radically different path? These are questions that two professors from NEOMA Business School have addressed in the book “Et Pourtant j’ai fait une école de commerce! “published by Editions Management et Société. An investigation carried out with 30 NEOMA graduates in order to understand their motivations and the way in which their Grande Ecole experience guided them in these life changes.
What are the motivations behind this type of professional reconversion?
Career transition is an integral part of today’s professional trajectories. Graduates of the Grandes Ecoles are no exception to this rule. In a context where on average 15% of business school graduates make a radical change of direction, Anne Prevost-Bucchianeri and François Pottier, professors at NEOMA Business School, have worked to decipher this strong trend in the book “Et pourtant j’ai fait une école de commerce! “published by Editions Management et Société. “This book is aimed at business school stakeholders (graduates, students, companies, etc.). It aims to shed light on the disruptive professional transition after business school”, explains François Pottier.
Two main questions have driven the production of this book: What are the motivations behind this transition? What role does the experience acquired in Grande Ecole play in this change of professional life?  In order to answer these two central questions, the two authors chose to interview some thirty NEOMA graduates in order to understand the origin of this trend and to provide food for thought on the place of work, the relationship with the company, the effects of life’s accidents, etc. “The aim of the book is not to be a catalogue of testimonies, but to understand why this is happening and what is the process these graduates are going through to change their career path,” adds Anne Prevost-Bucchianeri. In order to shed more light on their stories, the authors also called on experts in various fields.
The structuring role of a Grande Ecole, throughout the career path
Through this book, the authors take stock of the structuring contributions that a business school makes to the professional career of its graduates. Thus, in the course of their interviews, the authors noted several recurrences concerning the positive role played by the business school from which they graduated in their decision. Indeed, despite their personal and singular histories, the graduates interviewed all insist on the capital of confidence that the “Grande Ecole” gave them.
This capital of confidence was acquired thanks to the multitude of experiences they had during their time at the school,” explains François Pottier. “Among them, we can mention the pedagogical experiences (files to be presented in front of the class, company games, etc.), but also the fact of belonging to a network, the internships, the course abroad, the VIE, the apprenticeship, the associative life, the student support mechanisms (coaching, CV workshops, etc.), the food jobs alongside their studies, etc.” Thanks to this key factor acquired during their studies, these students do not hesitate to retrain professionally because they are sure to “land on their feet”, whatever the situation

Watch the interview, presented by Lucio De Vingo, in charge of audio-visual projects with the Innovative Pedagogy Department here


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