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Press release

Sénalia and the NEOMA Mobility Accelerator launch the “109”

Published on 28 June 2021 by NEOMA

The creation of this innovation centre meets the desire of Sénalia and NEOMA Mobility Accelerator to support innovation in the responsible mobility sector, both in Normandy and nationwide.

An ambitious ecosystem combining innovation, mobility and sustainable development

The “109” is an innovation centre for responsible mobility, which will be officially launched on January 1st, 2022. This new structure is a co-creation of Sénalia, the European leader in agri-logistics, and NEOMA Mobility Accelerator, the NEOMA accelerator specialising in the flow management of goods and people.

The two partners are to combine their complementary expertise in innovation, mobility and logistics to support and pilot this ecosystem. Start-ups from the accelerator, experts and companies are to be housed together in an innovation centre located on the Elie peninsula in Rouen, although their ambitions are both regional and national. “The 109 aims to create solid synergies between those involved in the mobility sector, whether regionally or nationally,” explains Denis Gallot, Director of the Startup Lab. “Start-ups and companies with a shared vision and desire to work together to build the mobility for the future will be invited to participate. Through the launch, we hope to advance commitment within this sector.”


The issues related to mobility are numerous and include energy transition, urban flows, eco-design. “For companies and the world of the future, meeting the challenges we face together is urgent,” says Gilles Kindelberger, Director of Sénalia. “With the emergence of the 109,  are we counting not only on the innovative power of the NEOMA Accelerator start-ups to lead us towards real economic progress, but we also seek to pass on this knowledge to our network with the aim of creating a genuine collective momentum.”

Sénalia is therefore opening the doors of its future headquarters to NEOMA Mobility Accelerator, which will also take up residence at the “109” and play a central role in this ecosystem with the financial and material support of the European leader in agri-logistics. By organising networking events, business meetings, innovation seminars and setting up high-quality specialist workshops, the accelerator will unite the entire “mobility community” in this new environment. “The opening of a national mobility innovation centre in the centre of Rouen makes perfect sense,” says Gilles Kindelberger, Director of Sénalia. “Normandy is, in effect, an ideal testing ground, given the region’s long history in this field and its proximity to so many competitive logistics centres in the area.”

A philanthropic commitment for the promotion of sustainable progress through entrepreneurship

For the Director of Sénalia, there is no doubt that the future of sustainable mobility is to be decided now. “Companies are increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment. As an entrepreneur myself, I am well aware of the difficulties that business creators encounter, no matter how motivated they are or how pertinent their ideas are. This is why I am proud to partner the NEOMA accelerator, an ambitious structure whose expertise in helping start-ups develop quickly has been evident since its creation, in launching the 109.”

Launched in 2019, the NEOMA Mobility Accelerator provides support to companies specialising in the flow management of people, goods and merchandise. With 42 accelerated start-ups to its credit already, the Accelerator focuses on a 360° approach to the company’s success and on the speed of its economic development.

“Sénalia is one of the leading international operators in the field of agro-logistics. We are therefore extremely proud of the trust this group has placed in us through this partnership,” explains Delphine Manceau. “This collaboration gives us the opportunity to contribute to building the mobility of the future, whilst supporting the development of our accelerator, something I am particularly pleased about.”