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Recruit young talent

Recruit young talent : internships, apprenticeships, entry-level jobs, voluntary international service

Our mission is ultimately to help our students make a smooth transition to the workplace and develop their career. Throughout their course, we prepare our students to make a successful, lasting transition into employment by equipping them with the key skills required to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

Our students are your future employees: Identify young talent and recruit candidates who meet your needs!

Before entering the labour market full-time, each student has the opportunity to complete several internships or apprenticeships during their course. These can be arranged in France or abroad and enable students to combine academic study with practical work experience.

For your company, these internships, apprenticeships or even entry-level jobs are an opportunity to benefit from the training we give our students, which is informed by the latest research developments across all areas of business management. We also help our students to develop the key skills needed by businesses now and in the future, such as leadership, agility, emotional intelligence and critical thinking.

A dedicated recruitment platform

This platform allows employers to interact directly with the 9,500 students at our 3 campuses (in Reims, Paris and Rouen), as well as all of the School’s recent graduates. You can post an advertisement for an internship, apprenticeship, job or Voluntary International Service opportunity at any time.

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