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Recruiting NEOMA Talents

Our talent of today are your employees of tomorrow.

At NEOMA, we are attentive to the needs of companies to ensure that we train our students to have the skills that you will need in the future.

As part of this objective, we are guided by our four key values that we impart to our students:

  • Openness that will help them adapt quickly in a constantly changing professional world
  • An interest in innovation that will turn them into entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs at your company
  • Respect, so they develop into ethical and responsible managers
  • And Excellence, so that they invest the best of themselves into their professional life

Recruiting at NEOMA Talent & Career Events

Meet our young talent at events held by the Talent & Career Department

The different events organised throughout the year on our Reims, Rouen and Paris campuses offer many opportunities to meet our students and young graduates.

Whether you want to share your experience and expertise, spot new talent, present your internship, apprenticeship and Voluntary International Service opportunities, enhance your employer brand or recruit your future employees, you will certainly find a NEOMA event that meets your needs.


Post your offers

Consult the internship calendar

The internship periods for our students vary depending on their academic programme.

For apprenticeships, sandwich scheduling is organised in three week in company/one week at school blocks.

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