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About the Faculty

Fabio Fonti

Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Our faculty is at the core of who we are, and of the strategic actions we carry out at NEOMA Business School.

Our faculty members come from top universities worldwide, and are highly internationalised (72% of our professors are from overseas, representing 36 different nationalities).  Their personal and professional backgrounds strengthen our school’s global nature and research excellence, as well as the quality of our teaching and our outreach towards a variety of external local and global stakeholders.

Via high-quality research, dedicated teaching, and engaged interaction with external stakeholders, our professors focus on developing powerful knowledge around how to successfully navigate an increasingly complex world, and passing this on – in the classroom and via other channels – to help students and managers alike understand and shape “the future of business and society”. They do so in the context of our new research infrastructure, which takes research beyond disciplinary silos and towards Areas of Excellence and which presents multidisciplinary topics of immediate practical relevance, such as AI and data science, the “future of work”, Grand Challenges, sustainable goals and environmental complexity, to a vast array of external stakeholders.

With the help of a dynamic and dedicated team of colleagues, together we are able to support our professors’ research (thanks to the Research Director), their pedagogy (thanks to the Director of Innovative Pedagogy), and any issues they may face as faculty members (thanks to the Academic Director). Supported by the Heads of Department, my mission is to energise our professors and facilitate their work in the pursuit of excellence in research and pedagogy, as well as their service to the school, our ecosystem, and the wider academic community.

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