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Library & Databases

The Library brings together experts in documentary resources. Their mission it is to provide teaching staff with innovative and effective physical and digital environments, as well as with information and methodological resources.

Access to knowledge, on campus and remotely

  • Databases:
    • Financial and stock market (e.g. Bloomberg, Refinitiv Datastream, Compustat, and Markit Red Entity & Obligation + Credit Default Swap CDS)
    • Companies (e.g. Capital IQ and Orbis)
    • Academic articles (e.g. Science Direct, Wiley, Sage, and Emerald)
  • Case studies: the Library is a member of of The Case Centre and of the CCMP (Centre for Case Studies and Educational Media)
  • Collections of physical and digital works (including professional and academic journals, as well as e-books)
  • Inter-library loan, through the network of French university libraries


  • Training and assistance with the use of databases (e.g. research methodology and setting up alerts)
  • Help with research (e.g. drawing up bibliographies, customised documentary dossiers)
  • Regular workshops on research- and pedagogy-related topics