We believe that access to excellent research and academic skills serving business has become a major issue for competitiveness.

Therefore, in its research, NEOMA Business School focuses on :

  • Developing cutting-edge management knowledge
  • Encouraging company development
  • Contributing significantly to changing organisational practices.

This is why our professors always maintain close relationships with business.

These close links enable them to measure corporate expectations, challenges, and needs, and to respond in the best possible way.

Research partnerships with the professional world also help to develop new kwoledge that will considerably improve organisational practice.

Would you like a review of the latest literature on a particular topic; to benefit from the results of a complete research project; or contribute to medium or long-term research projects?

We encourage and organise a set of measures that benefits both our School and organisations and provide an interface between academia and the professional world :

  • Learning partnerships
  • Chairs and Institutes