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Case studies

Case studies : when economic performance goes hand in hand with education

Case studies are a feature of partnerships between academia and the business world. Our professors and/or students reflect in depth on a problem that your organisation has encountered, and make recommendations to guide you through the challenges you face.

Aiming to improve your economic performance while helping our students to develop their skills, this partnership between your organisation and our institution will be mutually profitable by:

  • helping you with your problems and objectives through a presentation of customised recommendations for your organisation
  • putting our students to work on practical business studies, during which they will improve their understanding of how businesses work and apply the theories they have learned to real-life situations

These case studies are then submitted to the CCMP (Centre for Case Studies and Teaching Materials), which provides higher education institutions with real business problems for their courses.

Example of a case submitted to the CCMP

” SAPP MAXIM’S at the crossroads. Should it enter the US market ?”

Our staff worked on a case involving the company SAPP-Maxim’s de Paris. The management of SAPP Maxim’s, a strongly international SME, addressed the issue of the business’s future growth. They needed a dual analysis of :

  • their development potential in the American market,
  • the opportunities and risks that this potential growth area represented for the company’s finance.

This entirely cross-disciplinary study, conducted for SAPP-Maxim’s de Paris, combined strategic analysis, international deployment and finance.