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Innovative Teaching

NEOMA BS has rethought its entire educational approach by emphasising the importance of active, experiential learning, which is at the core of the School’s teaching and learning strategy. The objective is to facilitate students’ development of practical skills, rather than simply transmitting academic knowledge.

Learning environment

The virtual campus

The Innovative Pedagogy Department accompanies professors and students in their use of the NEOMA Business School virtual campus, the new platform which enhances distanced-based learning through an innovative ergonomic design. The Innovative Teaching Centre promotes and helps structure group-oriented activities and the gamification of the learning experience.

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Augmented learning areas

NEOMA BS has installed digital workspaces such as meeting rooms, in which users can connect a computer and share their screen in a soundproof environment, and individual booths with simplified access to the educational platform.

NEOMA BS has also created “Augmented Learning Rooms” and “Creativity Rooms” to further increase the learning experience and environment in which our students “learn by doing”.

creativity room

augmented learning room

Innovative education

The school is gradually introducing a balanced combination of teaching methods that have been adapted to the learning objectives of each curriculum. Each method is selected to fit the educational needs of the course or learning activity. The objective is to help our students develop a more autonomous and proactive approach to learning.

Students are regularly challenged through action-oriented seminars, simulation games, real-life situations, and case study-based sessions. Interaction between students and faculty is a crucial element of the teaching and learning process. Students engage in joint problem-solving, experience-based learning, open-ended discussions, and conflict management. All these methods are rooted in continuous interaction between theory and practice.

An important element of this approach is the use of Immersive Virtual Reality in the classroom, which has won the School many international awards.

As a result, our professors’ expertise serves a student-centred teaching policy.

Course design

The Innovative Pedagogy Department helps professors to adapt their courses to new teaching strategies and methods. To achieve this, professors can rely on customised individual support from the team’s instructional designers and can select high-quality content from our prestigious partners such as Harvard Business Publishing or McGraw Hill.
When necessary, team members can provide technical and conceptual support in order to design and produce high-quality and interactive teaching materials.

Trainings and workshops

Members of the team regularly invite professors to seminars, trainings and workshops aimed at disseminating teaching best practices, and how to apply them in the classroom. The main topics of these events include: student engagement, blended-learning, the use of the School’s Learning Management System, flipped classrooms, and hybrid teaching.

A team dedicated to innovative education

The Innovative Pedagogy Department offers a proactive innovation strategy. It provides support with cutting edge technologies, tools, and trainings to enhance the learning and teaching process. As a real creative driving force at NEOMA Business School, the Department promotes and supports the ongoing development of teaching strategies.

In our ever-evolving environment, we work together to develop effective and innovative teaching methods.

In a world of constant change, we respond to the needs of students and businesses by helping our students to become tomorrow’s managers and entrepreneurs, who lead responsibly and whose thinking contributes to “shape the future”.

Recording studio

logo normandie union europeenne

To significantly improve its recorded output, NEOMA BS has decided to share a recording studio with other higher education institutions in the Rouen area, in response to the needs of two of our school’s departments:

  • The Innovative Pedagogy Department, responsible for promoting educational creativity
  • The Communication Department, responsible for corporate communication

The studio provides:

  • Video equipment, for the creation and broadcast of educational resources under professional conditions
  • A ready-to-use recording station available for professors and staff
  • Mobile recording equipment for the creation and broadcast of teaching content