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Next Leader with FERRERO Chair

As a partner of NEOMA Business School for many years, Ferrero France is highly involved in:

  • The recruitment of qualified profiles (students and graduates)
  • Teaching multidisciplinary case studies in the Masters in Management programme
  • Supporting students, with Jean-Baptiste Santoul, CEO of Ferrero France, godfather of the MiM class of 2018
  • CSR actions in the role of official partner of the MiM start-of-the-year seminar, focused on Corporate Social Responsibility

With these longstanding connections, NEOMA Business School has united with Ferrero France, a subsidiary of Ferrero Group and national leader in the chocolate industry, for a Chair based on:

  • Three case studies that cover the entire Masters in Management curriculum
  • A brand-new immersion programme within the executive management at Ferrero France
  • Meetings with students to better understand the special features of the agri-food sector and its career opportunities

1. Three case studies

Divided over three years within the Masters In Management programme, these three case studies promote a comprehensive, open-door approach so that each student can discover different disciplines from complementary angles:

  • Pre-Masters: transdisciplinary case study (marketing, law, accounting) based on a new product: the Nutella biscuit
  • 1st year of Master’s course: Marketing case study based on an iconic brand: Kinder
  • 2nd year of Master’s course: Case study on the strategic relationship between the food industry and distributors, in partnership with E.Leclerc: a real case inspired by real situations for identifying and assessing the new approaches in producer/distributor relations and commercial negotiations

2. Deep Dive into Leadership

This innovative approach aims to provide Masters in Management students a unique opportunity to spend two days immersed in the company with a member of the executive committee at Ferrero France. The aim of this project is to create a dialogue between students and executive committee members concerning new managerial stances and the connected values, beyond the expertise connected to the various positions:

  • Controlling management and leadership concerns at the highest levels of a multinational company
  • Understanding the major changes to come, particularly subjects connected to corporate social responsibility or the digital revolution
  • Formulating strategic recommendations and attitude surveys via comprehensive feedback

3. Sharing leader experience

Through this Chair, Ferrero France can benefit from regular, personalised encounters with students to highlight the special features of the agri-food industry and the career opportunities at the company:

  • Participation in Business Trade Fairs, Professional Conventions, etc.
  • Involvement of Ferrero France managers in the Masters of Science or Advanced Masters programmes on specific subjects: industrial strategy, supply chain, corporate finance, etc.