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Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation Chair (KPMG)

KPMG is a longstanding partner of NEOMA BS, and has become heavily involved in the programmes focused on auditing, as well as on working in student recruitment efforts. KPMG wished to work with NEOMA as part of the Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation Chair, with a double ambition for pedagogy and research.

KPMG has become the official partner of the MSc in Entrepreneurship. “This partnership allows us to take part in a joint reflection on the development of future programmes,” said Dr. Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA BS. “Auditing professions are undergoing change, data is transforming the profession, and the school must be ready to teach its students the professions of the future. With this major ambition, it is very valuable for us to be able to work with a company like KPMG to brainstorm on the skills to be developed among our students.”

KPMG will contribute to educating students in this specialisation at NEOMA, with the aim of recruitment once they have graduated.

The research aspect allows KPMG to connect with research teams at NEOMA in order to explore common concerns such as open innovation. “This aspect of the partnership allows us to fuel the research of our professors through access to the company’s data, common work and communication. Our objective is to create relevant and innovative content,” Dr. Manceau explained.