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Research excellence, to shape the future of business and society

Research is the backbone of our School’s activity. We promote high-quality, impactful, 360° research to shape future conversations on key issues in business and society, to inform our pedagogical offers, and to provide relevant insights for the organisations in our ecosystem.

The Research Department’s philosophy is to offer our faculty a nurturing environment for their research, and to encourage a reciprocal and beneficial exchange between our faculty and the stakeholders – e.g., students, organisations, and local institutions – in our ecosystem. Research at the School is conducted for more than academic impact, it is also grounded in the evolution of society and businesses, and actively disseminated to relevant stakeholders. This is guaranteed by the organisation of our research activity around Areas of Excellence, accompanied by Chairs and Institutes, partnerships, and the support infrastructure provided by the Research Department to our researchers.

Serge da Motta Veiga

Research Director

The Research Department’s mission is to support professors during every stage of their research projects. Our goal is not only to be published in academic journals, but also to disseminate the findings, and the impact they have for businesses and society. Every day, the Research Department team works towards facilitating this entire process. We are proud to see that over the last year, publications in tier 1 and 2 journals has grown steeply, and that researchers have participated in more than 20 collaborative funded projects with firms, institutions, and/or university research labs. Furthermore, our research is actively disseminated to external stakeholders – both academic and non-academic – as shown by the number of citations on Google Scholar and mentions in the press. This speaks loudly about the increase in excellence and recognition for our research.

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