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Research is part of the fundamental mission of the School, in the same way as teaching. It feeds into the learning experience and makes an active contribution to the quality of the teaching. It also helps organisations to develop their managerial practices. In this way it contributes to their competitiveness. One cannot help business confront tomorrow’s issues with yesterday’s knowledge.

Through its Research activity, NEOMA Business School explores new avenues and creates knowledge that:

  • Enhances the courses delivered to students
  • Responds to the issues facing business
  • Feeds into the scientific debate and helps enhance knowledge in management at international level
  • Reinforces the international reputation of the School

In a global context of continuous innovation, we must be constantly deciphering, inventing, experimenting… Our objective is therefore to help our partners better understand the complexity of current issues and succeed in processing them.

It is against this background that we are committed to conducting a rigorous and relevant research policy:

  • Rigorous because it responds to the highest international academic standards
  • Relevant because it deals with actual issues facing businesses.


Research structured around 360° centres of expertise, chairs and institutes to capitalise on the synergies between our activities, around the most up-to-date expertise of our teaching staff.

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In a rapidly-changing world, our Research activities must have a significant impact on society, economic growth and managerial practices.

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Our teaching staff have the benefit of a customised and convivial working environment, and top-level support mechanisms for their research projects.

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Centres of expertise, chairs, institutes
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Support for research
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