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    AI, Data Science & Business

    Users experience of AI


    User experience is a concept encompassing multiple dimensions, e.g., emotional, cognitive, behavioural, sensorial, and social. This sub-area covers the topics of different types of user experiences with AI. The users of AI include both individual users and firm/organisational users.  

    Ongoing research projects include: 

    • How to manage AI and emotions in the workplace? 
    • What is the impact of chatbot gender on brand perception? 
    • Which consumer behaviour in AI-based purchasing settings? 
    • How to design AI-based products or services? 

    ALLAL-CHERIF, O., " Intelligent cathedrals: using augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to provide an intense cultural, historical, and religious visitor experience", Technological Forecasting and Social Change, May 2022, vol. 178.

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    Guest talk - October 21, 2021 – Online: Use of AR Technology to Promote Innovative Products, by Prof. Chee Wei (David) Phang, Head of Department for EMM, Professor in Marketing and Information Systems, University of Nottingham Ningbo China 


    Examples of courses linked to this sub-Area include: "UX Design", "Product, Design and Innovation" 


    Pint of Science Festival 2021. Gaël Bonnin talked about the impact of virtual reality on the attractiveness of tourist attractions at the Pint of Science Festival, a national event aimed at demystifying and making scientific research accessible to the general public. View the replay (at 39:40) 


    Chairs, partners, and funded projects 

    The sub-AE includes one externally funded research project, AI adoption in Reims Firms (Grand Reims), whose goal is to evaluate the use of AI technologies by local industry and farmers, to understand the resistance to use and assess the business impact of AI adoption 

    The sub-AE also integrates the SPOC Institute. Created in 2015 with an applied research orientation, the goal of SPOC Institute is to better the adoption as well as the societal and business consequences of the development of robotics 

    Professors: Mariyani Ahmad Husairi, Oihab Allal-Chérif, Gaël Bonnin, Fanny Cambier, Helena Gonzalez Gomez, Agata Mirowska, Vijay Pereira, Amy Song, Isabelle Ulrich.

    Several projects in the sub-AE are the result of collaborations with researchers from international institutions such as : Rennes School of Business (FR), Université Paris-Cergy (FR), UCLouvain (BE), IESEG Business School (FR), University of Minnesota Duluth (US), Wuhan University (CN), Santa Clara University (US), Nanyang Technological University (CN), University of Maryland (US), Fudan University (CN), Huazhong Agricultural University (CN), Kedge Business School (FR), Indian Institute of Management Jammu (IN)