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The Chair is also involved in projects with external partners:

BLUEPRINT (Interreg France (Channel) England; 2020-2023)


The Chair is one of the partners of the BLUEPRINT project (2020-2023), funded by the Interreg France (Channel) England programme. The total project budget is 5.6 million euros, of which 3.8 million euros comes from the European Regional Development Fund.

BLUEPRINT aims to investigate how the recovery of urban waste through the circular economy could be a tool for social innovation, fostering job creation and reintegration.

The aim is therefore to develop sustainable economic models, then teach these to regional stakeholders. By studying the formation of value chain segments in various regions, this project aims to understand the possible crossovers between the circular economy and the bioeconomy.

This project involves:

  • French and British higher education institutes:
    NEOMA, University of Picardy Jules Verne, UniLaSalle, ESITC Caen, Anglia Ruskin University.
  • French and British companies and local authorities:
    EcoWise, Morlaix Commune, Essex County Council, Kent County Council, Peterborough Environment City Trust.

>Learn more about Blueprint project

Moving towards sustainable agriculture for the bioeconomy: the example of the Grand Est region

2020-2021 project funded by the Grand Est region.


While bioeconomy is becoming ever present, one of the conditions for its viability is the production of raw materials, especially for agriculture.

However, this issue has been largely overlooked.

This project aims to explore the conditions under which sustainable agriculture can develop, in particular through its integration into innovation ecosystems at a regional level to support the development of the bioeconomy.