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Faculty & Research

Areas of Excellence: a 360° expertise for an impactful Research

    Our philosophy

    Moving away from disciplinary silos and towards impactful research

    Areas of Excellence aim to be the “beating heart” of research at NEOMA. They are organised as communities of interest and practice with a 360 degrees expertise and in direct connection with the contemporary trends that transform businesses and society.

    Their goal is to foster the development of impactful research, while at the same time developing synergies between research, programmes, Executive Education, and businesses.

    To favour research expertise via faculty collaboration, especially cross-disciplinary collaboration, and to ensure managerial and societal relevance, these Areas of Excellence are:

    • Phenomena-based: rather than around traditional disciplines, they are built around phenomena of wide interest to business and society.
    • Project-based: professors do not belong at an Area of Excellence, but their projects do, thus keeping Areas nimble and researchers free to apply their expertise to more than one, over time.