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    The Complexity Advantage


    How to make complexity an advantage for businesses and organisations? 

    To deal with the growing complexity in multi-faceted markets, business models, organisational forms, and value chains, and the behaviours of individuals, groups, organisations, and crowds, businesses and organisations today must understand and design effective strategies. 

    Research in this area focuses on developing research/data-based insights as well as decision-support tools for managers to operate in the increasingly complex contemporary markets and business environments. 


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    Research Talk - March 24th, 2022-Online Ali Faraji-Rad The Effects of Incidental Uncertainty on Judgment and Decision-Making. He’s an Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Maryland, College Park.

    Research Day - March 17, 2022 - Online and on Paris Campus - a terrific day that gathered the Department of Finance, the Department of Information Systems, Supply Chain, and Decision Analysis (SISCAD), and AETCA.

    • Sleiman Jradi, NEOMA PhD student
    • Arvind Sainathan, an active member of the [AETCA] the SISCAD department, presented on the very interesting topic of healthcare; a joint talk tween the AETCA and SISCAD.
    • Eser Arisoy coordinator of a group on Complexity of Problems within AETCA invited Kevin Aretz, from University of Manchester, for a joint-sponsored talk shared by AETCA and the Department of Finance to discuss the topic of Investment-to-Stock Price Sensitivity.

    Editors Talk- February 10, 2022- Paris Campus and Online- Vijay Pereira, Professor of International and Strategic HRM “Meetings or No-Meetings? The Verdict is Out” (MIT Sloan Management Review; Harvard Business Review; Forbes);

    • Research Talk: Turan Bali Robert S. Parker Chair Professor of Business Administration,Georgetown University “How to publish in top-tier journals with powerful impact and hot current/future topics in econ/finance”.
    • Paper presentation: Wenbin Cao, “Financing Innovation under Ambiguity and Skewness” and Arash Aloosh, “ Non-standard Errors”

    Project review workshop - December 17, 2021 - Coordinated by Mozart Menezes (NEOMA)

    • Paper presentation Lijue Lu (Research assistant, NEOMA): Product Proliferation in Supply Chain Management Under Different Power Structures - Abstract: We show how the relationship between cost sensitivity to market expansion and the retailer's relative advantage in operational costs affects assortment decision, and under what circumstances the abuse of power and SKU proliferation occurs.

    • Paper presentation Wenhong Ding: Spillover effect of cyber risk along supply chain

    Abstract: There is increasing interest to firms’ exposure to cyber risks in recent years. We use the a large sample of U.S. data breach events caused by cyberattacks. We document that cyberattacks significantly influence the target firms’ major customers. Results show that major customers reduce supply chain finance, reduce relationship-based investment and diversify suppliers when one supplier experiences cyberattacks.

    • Paper presentation Hamed Jalali: Product proliferation and the bullwhip effect

    Abstract: It is commonplace for companies to launch new products every so often. This product proliferation increases the demand uncertainty of existing products and thus impacts the bullwhip effect faced by the supply chain. In this work, we analyse how the bullwhip effect of existing products change due to product proliferation.

    • Paper presentation Gaurav Gupta: Collaborative consumption continuance: A mixed methods analysis of the service quality-loyalty relationship in ridesharing services

    Community building Meeting - November 4, 2021 – Paris Campus – Presentation of current projects and futures directions 

    Editor talk - October 22, 2021 – Reims Campus - Meeting with Wim Vanhaverbeke, Professor of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Co-editor-in-Chief of TECHNOVATION 

    Guest talk - October 22, 2021 pm – Reims Campus – Seminar on Open innovation in the context of SMEs, in collaboration with La Communauté Urbaine du Grand Reims and the Marne Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Speaker: Wim Vanhaverbeke, Professor of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Co-editor-in-Chief of TECHNOVATION 


    Examples of courses linked to this sub-Area include: "Financial Analysis for Business Decision Making", "Planning Budgeting Forecasting", "Risk Management and Internal Control", "Entrepreneurship", "Entrepreneurial Innovation and Design Thinking", "Financial Decisions under Uncertainty", "Behavior and Strategic Decisions in Corporate Finance", "Operational Risk and Resiliency", "Fundamentals of Behavioral Science", "Geopolitics and International Relations", OB and Intercultural Management", "Operations Management", "Forecasting and Inventory Management", "Supply Chain Modeling", "Marketing and New Business Models", "Brand Management and Storytelling", "Market Intelligence", "Territorial and Collective Marketing", "International Business: Disruption and Challenges", "The Economics of Culture", "The Art Market in the World", "Organisational Behaviour and Team Management", "Cross-cultural Agility in Global Business", "Negociation and Dispute Resolution" 

    Chairs, partners, and funded projects  

    The AE includes five externally funded research projects:  

    • Collaborative Platform for Entrepreneurship (Grand Est Region), whose goal is to create a scientific community in entrepreneurship to support actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Grand Est Region 
    • FUMA (Normandy Region), whose goal is to help the Region redesign its logistic flows 
    • Logistic Park for the Future (Normandy Region, Ile de France Region), whose goal is to develop a new approach to logistic structures in “Vallée de Seine” that integrates economic growth and environmental challenges 
    • PORTERR (Normandy Region), whose goal is to assess the efficiency of the port ecosystem in Normandy 
    • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Times of COVID: Recover Faster with Open Innovation (Grand Reims), whose goal is to develop an Open Innovation initiative to help local firms to grow after the pandemic 


    The AE also integrates the MOBIS Institute. Created in 2007 with an applied research orientation, the goal of MOBIS Institute is to better understand mobility under ecological and technological constraints 

    Key facts

    • 110+ research projects 
    • 20+ internal and external grants 
    • 65+ professors working on projects 
    • 94 courses 
    • MOBIS Institute 

    Chairs, partners and financed projects

    CU Grand Reims
    Grand Est Region
    Ile de France Région, Normandy Region
    Normandy Region
    Mobis Institute