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    The Complexity Advantage

    The complexity of crowds


    This research group is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners whose main goal is to advance knowledge in the broad field of open and collaborative innovation, particularly in the context of complex systems. Our vision is to become an international research group where scholarly insight and field expertise are integrated to address complex problems facing businesses, economies, and the wider society. In so doing, we encourage internal and external contributors to challenge state-of-the-art in the field of open and collaborative innovation, with a specific focus on complex systems, to cast fresh light on existing knowledge and practice. We also welcome joint partnerships with recognized research centres and institutions worldwide. Ongoing research projects include: 

    • What are the specificities of product creation, teams, projects, and incentives with crowdsourcing? 
    • How to implement coopetition and open innovation in SMEs? 
    • How to develop productive collaboration between businesses and institutions through coopetition, inter-organisational collaboration, and innovation? 
    • What are the benefits and shortcomings of open access? 

    COLOVIC, A., A. CALOFFI, F. ROSSI, "Crowdsourcing and COVID-19: How public administrations mobilize crowds to find solutions to problems posed by the pandemic", Public Administration Review, March 2022

    BAGHERZADEH, M., M. GHADERI, A. -S. FERNANDEZ, "Coopetition for innovation - the more, the better? An empirical study based on preference disaggregation analysis", European Journal of Operational Research, June 2021 

    BAGHERZADEH, M., O.IGLESIAS, S.MARKOVIC, J.SINGH, "Co-creation: A Key Link Between Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Trust, and Customer Loyalty", Journal of Business Ethics, April 2020, vol. 163, no. 1 

    BELDERBOS, R., J. PARK, M. CARREE, "Do R&D investments in weak IPR countries destroy market value? The role of internal linkages", Strategic Management Journal, August 2021, vol. 42, no. 8 

    ESCOBAR, O., O. LAMOTTE, A. COLOVIC, P. -X. MESCHI, "Impact of sourcing from the informal economy on the export likelihood and performance of emerging economy firms", Industrial and Corporate Change, September 2021 

    MARINO, M., S.LHUILLERY, P.PARROTTA, D.SALA, "Additionality or crowding-out? An overall evaluation of public R&D subsidy on private R&D expenditure", Research Policy, November 2016, vol. 45, no. 9 

    Community Building Meeting - November 4, 2021 – Paris Campus – Presentation of current projects and future directions 

    Editor talk - October 22, 2021 – Reims Campus - Meeting with Wim Vanhaverbeke, Professor of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Co-editor-in-Chief of TECHNOVATION 

    Guest talk - October 22, 2021 pm – Reims Campus – Seminar on Open innovation in the context of SMEs, in collaboration with La Communauté Urbaine du Grand Reims and the Marne Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Speaker: Wim Vanhaverbeke, Professor of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Co-editor-in-Chief of TECHNOVATION 



    Examples of courses linked to this sub-Area include: "Entrepreneurship", "Entrepreneurial Innovation and Design Thinking" 

    Chairs, partners, and funded projects 

    The sub-AE includes two externally funded research projects:  

    • Collaborative Platform for Entrepreneurship (Grand Est Region), whose goal is to create a scientific community in entrepreneurship to support actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Grand Est Region 
    • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Times of COVID: Recover Faster with Open Innovation (Grand Reims), whose goal is to develop an Open Innovation initiative to help local firms to grow after the pandemic 

    Professors: Mariyani Ahmad Husairi, Oihab Allal-Chérif, Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Fanny Cambier, Ana Colovic, Helen Du, Stéphane Lhuillery, Ching T. Liao, Moyra Marval, Bisrat A. Misganaw, Joseph Park, Vijay Pereira.

    Several projects in the sub-AE are the result of collaborations with researchers from international institutions such as :  University of Florence (IT), BI Norwegian Business School (NO), KEDGE Business School (FR), UCLouvain (BE), Louisiana State University (US), Montpellier University (FR), Université de Lille (FR), Toulouse Business School (FR), University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne (US), Grenoble Ecole de Management (FR), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE), Loughborough University (UK), ICN Business School (FR), Copenhagen Business School (DK), Iran University of Science and Technology (IR),  Esigelec-University of Rouen (FR), Birkbeck University of London (UK), Åbo Akademi University (FI), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (IT), University of Sarajevo (BA), Excelia Business School (FR), Waseda Business School (JP), Sinapses Conseils (FR), Pompeu Fabra University (IT), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IN), Swansea University (UK), Purdue University (US), University of Vienna (AT), University of Exeter Business School (UK) 

    Chairs, partners and financed projects

    Collaborative Platform for Entrepreneurship (Grand Est Region)
    Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Times of COVID (Grand Reims)