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    The Complexity Advantage

    The complexity of problems, solutions, and decisions


    In contemporary environments, individuals as well as organisational agents face various complex decisions to take. This subarea focuses on the complex decision-making situations in multi-faceted markets and the principal actors in these markets, such as investors, financial institutions, consumers, and businesses. 

    Our vision is to promote cutting-edge research that improves our understanding of agents' decision-making process. To that end, we welcome original articles and research projects that bring a novel approach to the problems, solutions, and decisions that agents face in complex environments. In addition to classical rational approaches, we especially welcome theoretical and empirical research based on behavioural explanations, experiments, and multidisciplinary collaborations. 

    Ongoing research projects include: 

    • How to use alternative data for asset management? 
    • Which problem-solving processes for future value creation? 
    • How to predict crashes in financial markets? 
    • What are the roles of frustration, uncertainty, and regret in decision-making processes? 
    • How to use machine learning for market trends identification? 

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    GONZÁLEZ-GÓMEZ, H., S. HUDSON, A. RYCHALSKI, "The psychology of frustration: Appraisals, outcomes, and service recovery", Psychology and Marketing, September 2021, vol. 38, no. 9 

    The Wolfe Research Institute has invited Arash AlooshHyung-Eun Choi, and Samuel Ouzan (The TCA AE/The Complexity of Problems, Decisions and Solutions) to present their paper at one of the leading industry conferences in Finance. Arash, Hyung-Eun and Samuel will present their paper entitled “Meme Stocks and Herd Behaviour” at the Wolfe Virtual European Quant and Macro Investing Conference. This is an opportunity to increase the impact of their research beyond academia while joining a very prestigious list of top academic speakers in an industry event

    Research Talk-Monday April 11th, 2022, Paris Campus was jointly organized by “The Complexity of Problems, Solutions and Decisions” sub-area and the Finance Department, Vikas Agarwal (Georgia State University): Birth order and fund manager’s trading behavior: Role of sibling rivalry

     Research Talk (jointy organised with  the Department of Finance) Monday, June 16, Paris Campus & Online Artashes Karapetyan Professor of Finance, ESSEC, “Inefficient Regulation: mortgages versus total credit”.

    Research Talk - May 4th, 2022-Online and Paris Campus, Mehmet Umutlu (Yaşar University) “Some Research Methods in Data Analysis and Their Empirical Applications”

    Research Talk Friday, March 17, Online and Paris Campus jointly organized by “The Complexity of Problems, Solutions and Decisions” sub-area and the Finance Department

    • Kevin Aretz (Manchester Business School): Technological Progress, Managerial Learning, and the Investment-to-Stock Price Sensitivity.
    • Lorenzo Gai, Elisa Bocchialini, Nicola Del Sarto, Federica Ielasi, Simona Zambelli Mind the gap! Disentangling the role of innovation intermediaries in facilitating access to finance of Italian spin-offs
    • Parallel Session 2 – 1 ; Chair: Federica Rossi
      • Fernanda Perin, Danilo Spinola Digital technologies, innovation intermediaries and university-industry collaboration: A case study of Midlands innovation ecosystem
      • Francesca Berti, Marco Cuculelli : The role of system integrators' in the current data-driven innovation ecosystem
      • Andrea Kerstens, David J. Langley : Bridging industry-transcending knowledge: Exploring the role of an intermediary in suppporting absorptive capacity
    • Parallel Session 2 – 2 ; Chair: Ana Colovic

    Research Talk - March 24th, 2022-Online Ali Faraji-Rad The Effects of Incidental Uncertainty on Judgment and Decision-Making. He’s an Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Maryland, College Park.

    Community Building Meeting - November 4, 2021 – Paris Campus – Presentation of current projects and futures directions 


    Examples of courses linked to this sub-Area include: "Financial Analysis for Business Decision Making", "Planning Budgeting Forecasting", "Risk Management and Internal Control", "Financial Decisions under Uncertainty", "Behavior and Strategic Decisions in Corporate Finance", "Fundamentals of Behavioral Science" 

    Professors: Sara Ain Tommar, Arash Aloosh, Eser Arisoy, Sami Attaoui, Amin Attari, Fouad Ben Abdelaziz, Indranil Biswas, Lanlan Cao, Wenbin Cao, Hyung-Eun Choi, Ismail Erzurumlu, Helena Gonzalez Gomez, Alessio Ishizaka, Rouslan Koumakhov, Sébastien Lleo, Linda Mitrojorgji, Samuel Ouzan, Pascal Paille, Vijay Pereira, Anita Starzyk, Mourad Touzani, Laura Trinchera, Tri Trinh, Jian Wu.

    Several projects in the sub-AE are the result of collaborations with researchers from international institutions such as : University of Cincinnati (US), Singapore Management University (SG), Imperial College London (UK),  University of Napoli (IT), University of Utah (US), Alliance Manchester Business School  (UK), EM Normandie Business School (FR), Georgia State University (US), Koc University (TR), Rennes School of Business (FR), Université Paris Dauphine-PSL Research University (FR), CESI (FR), University of Texas at El Paso (US), University of Kansas (US), University of Liverpool Management School (UK), Georgetown University (US), Brunel University (UK), University of Georgia (US), California State Polytechnic University (US), Middlesex University (UK), Fordham University (US), Sam Houston State University (US), Macquarie Business School (AU)