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    The Future of Work

    The future of knowledge


    Innovative approaches to knowledge transfer like experiential learning or AI- and peer-guided technologies are transforming the way we learn in schools, universities, or organisations. The increasingly global and digital environment is also creating new challenges. This subarea analyses how various stakeholders act to equip in human capital our knowledge-intensive economies.

    Ongoing research projects include:

    • How to develop managerial competencies for industry 4.0?
    • How to foster the development of experiential learning?
    • What are the roles of gamification in the success of e-learning and knowledge transfer?
    • How to hybridize learning?

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    Workshop on « Causal inference in management research » - March 10, 2022- Paris Campus- Wondering what’s the idea behind a diff-in-diff design? What is so "natural" about natural-experimental methods? Willing to learn about the instrumental variable or the regression discontinuity design approach?

    Research incubator, reading group, and roundtable around Open Science - October 28, 2021 – Paris Campus

    Chairs, partners, and funded projects

    Rachel Beaujolin gives her feedback on a unique pedagogical experience, the Deep Dive into Leadership, an initiative designed in partnership with FERRERO. Watch video

    Professors: Oihab Allal-Chérif, Rachel Beaujolin, Carine Chemin-Bouzir, Subhadeep Datta, Alain Goudey, Julien Jacqmin, Bilal Jathol, Pierre Lescoat, Emmanouela Mandalaki, Vijay Pereira, Najma Saidani, Paul Sanders, Antoine Souchaud, Nathalie Subtil

    Several projects in the sub-AE are the result of collaborations with researchers from international institutions such as : Indian Institute of Technology (IN), Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IN), ESCP Business School (FR), Grenoble Ecole de Management (FR), Université de Rennes (FR), Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) (FR),  Griffith University (AU), Indian Institute of Management Rohtak (IN), Copenhagen Business School (DE), New Mexico State University (US), NMIMS University Mumbai (IN),Utrecht School of Governance (NL), University of Strasbourg (FR), Aix-Marseille School of Economics (FR), Normandy University (FR), College of Management-University of Massachusetts (US), Link Campus University Rome (IT)