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    The World We Want

    Finance for Good


    Finance is evolving towards more sustainability to associate financial profitability with an environmental, social, and societal impact. The subarea promotes multidisciplinary academic and applied research on topics broadly defined at the intersection of Finance and ESG issues (Environment, Society, Governance).  

    This sub-area's mission is to host events regularly, including but not limited to, topical seminars, panel discussions and workshops on a variety of aspects relating to the broad fields of International, Climate, Sustainable and Green finance. We especially welcome their interactions with each other both in theory and practice, and how they can aid and sustain the growth of economies, institutions, corporations and organizations” says Sara Ain Tommar, the coordinator of the sub-AE.

    Ongoing research projects include:

    • How to help top executives in ethical decision-making?
    • What are the consequences of high-speed algorithms?
    • What is the managing bias for effective financial decisions?

    RUSSO, M., E. KRAFT, V. BERTSCH, D. KELES, "Short-term Risk Management of Electricity Retailers Under Rising Shares of Decentralized Solar Generation", Energy Economics, May 2022, vol. 109.

    Conference on Sustainable Finance – May 20, 2022 – NEOMA Paris campus - organised by Finance for Good sub-area of the World We Want Area of Excellence and the Finance Department. Learn more and register

    Editors Talk –September 16, 2021 – Online - Guest speaker: Dr Colin Higgins, Co-Editor of Business & Society, associate Professor in the Department of Management and Associate Dean (International & Partnerships) at the Deakin Business School in Melbourne Australia

    Paper presentation - July 9, 2021 – Online – Dissemination, Publication, and Impact of Finance Research: When Novelty Meets Conventionality Guest speaker: Rui Dai, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and WRDS


    Examples of courses linked to this sub-Area include: "Sustainable Finance", "Sustainable Reporting", "Managing Social Responsibility, Governance & Ethics", "Business Ethics", "Business Ethics" (e-learning module), "Ethics and Sustainability in the Real Estate Industry"

    Chairs, partners, and funded projects

    The sub-AE includes one externally funded research project, Is Covid-19 Gender-Blind? Evidence from the Hedge Fund Industry (The Europlace Institute of Finance – Louis Bachelier Foundation) , whose goal is to understand the relationships between gender, personal life circumstances and performance at work among hedge funds managers


    Professors: Sara Ain Tommar, Fabio Fonti, Catherine Karyotis, Marc Lenglet, Stéphane Lhuillery, Antoine Noël, Vijay Pereira.

    Several projects in the sub-AE are the result of collaborations with researchers from international institutions such as: Copenhagen Business School (DE), Baruch College (US), Université Paris Dauphine-PSL Research University (FR), University of Manchester-Alliance Manchester Business School (UK), Warwick Business School (UK), Queen's University (CA), University of Notre Dame (AU), Boise State University (US), EDHEC Business School, Universität Kiel (DE)

    Chairs, partners and financed projects

     Is Covid-19 Gender-Blind? Evidence from the Hedge Fund Industry