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14.00 – 16.00 Opening of the mini conference and methodological workshop by Dr Sirio Lonati (NEOMA Business School) – Room 1B002

19.00 Welcome dinner and socialising – Le Grand Café restaurant


9.00 – Keynote speech by Prof. Martyna Sliwa titled “Inclusion as a leadership challenge” and coffee break – Room 1B002

10.30 – 12.30 Two parallel morning sessions with oral presentations and feedback from keynote speakers/invited guests

  • Session 1a – Moderator: Daniel May – Room 1C108

    • Franziska Böhm & Gerhard Blickle (Bonn University)“A challenge for both sides: How political skill enhances leader effectiveness of narcissistic and non narcissistic leaders”
    • Marco Held, Iris Gauglitz, Melissa Schütz, & Astrid Schütz (University of Bamberg)“Perceived Leader Narcissism and Voice Behavior of Employees: Investigating the Mediating Role of Empowerment and the Moderating Role of Gender”
    • Matthieu Legeret (University of Amsterdam)“How good can bad leaders be? The opportunity costs of leader selection”
    • Emma Lei Jing (NEOMA Business School), Ian Gellatly (University of Alberta), Sarah Moore (University of Alberta), & Mario Mikulincer (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya)“Abusive Supervision and Reduced Employee Performance Effort: Placing It in an Attachment-Theoretical Framework”
  • Session 1b – Moderator: Prof. Kimberley Breevaart – Room 1C109

    • Maria Kakarika (University of Durham), Helena González-Gómez (NEOMA Business School), & Shiva Taghavi (NEOMA Business School)“What If Your Leader Gossipts so You? Examining Recipients’ Judgements and Reactions Based on the Sender’s Status”
    • Janka Marot (ELTE Eötvös Loránd University), Zsolt Szabo (Corvinus University of Budapest), Lilla Torok (Artois University), Janos Salamon (Artois University), & Gabor Orosz (Artois University) –  “You Are (NOT) Your Mistake: Downstream Consequences of Essentialist and Behavioral Work Feedback”
    • Nadia-Yin Yu & Dongkyu (Brian) Kim (NEOMA Business School)“The Dark Side of Ethical Leadership on Employee Creativity: Mediating Roles of Pro-social Rule Breaking Behavior and Support for Originality”

12.30-14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 16.00 two parallel afternoon sessions with oral presentations and feedback from keynote speakers/invited guests with a coffee break

  • Session 2a – Moderator: Prof. Martyna Sliwa – Room 1C108

    • Urszula Lagowska (NEOMA Business School), Liliane Furtado (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), & Filipe  Sobral (Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration – EBAPE) NEOMA BS & EBAPE & COPPEAD (Rio de Janeiro) –  “Price of Inclusion: the Effects of Inclusive Leadership Training on Leader Cognitive Load and Perceived Laissez Faire Leadership Style”
    • Urszula Lagowska (NEOMA Business School), Birgit Schyns (NEOMA Business School), & Iris Gauglitz (University of Bamberg)“Dark Side of Inclusion: Exploring the Effects of Follower Narcissism on the Relationship between Inclusive Leadership and Follower Organizational Identification”
    • Shiva Taghavi (NEOMA Business School), Shora Moteabbed (George Mason University), & Maria Kakarika (University of Durham)“More (or Fewer) Women on Boards? The Impact of Board Gender Composition on Female Managers’ Motivation to Lead”
  • Session 2b – Moderator: Prof. Anders Villadsen – Room 1C109

    • Sarah Cameron & Joeri Hofmans (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)“The power of perceiving: empathic accuracy and LMX”
    • Matthieu Jost, John Antonakis, & Marianne Schmid Mast (University of Lausanne) “Vox Unpopuli: Speech Content Influences Behavior and Perceptions, not Voice Pitch”
    • Vera Schweitzer (University of Cologne), Carla Ostmann ( DeSci Labs ), Fabiola Gerpott (Otto Beisheim School of Management), Wladislav Rivkin (Trinity College Dublin), & Jakob Stollberger (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) –  “Does it pay off for leaders to express dominance in writing or pictures? Using textual and visual analysis to link founder signaling with funding amount”


8.30 – 9.30 Challenge and advice session: an opportunity to receive friendly advice and comments on research-related issues (data collection, analysis, initial idea, editorial process, etc.) in a safe environment – Room 1B002

9:30 – 11.00 Keynote speech by Prof. Anders Villadsen titled “Can attention to context help us better understand current leadership challenges?” and coffee break – Room 1B002

11.00 – 12.30 One morning session with oral presentations and feedback from keynote speakers/invited guests

  • Session 3 –  Moderator: Prof. Urszula Lagowska – Room 1B002
    • Daniel May (Freie Universität Berlin), Jan Schilling (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Bielefeld), & Birgit Schyns (NEOMA Business School) “Measuring Inconsistent Leadership – Development of a New Scale and First Results on Its Validity”
    • Janos Salamon (Artois University), Juan Ospina (Ohio State University), Gabor Orosz (Artois University), & Steven Spencer (Ohio State University)“The Care and Control Leadership Model: Authoritarian, Paternalistic and Autonomous Styles and their Downstream Consequences”

12.30 Closing speech

12.30-14.00 Lunch

Important dates

Conference: 10-12 April 2024

Deadline for conference registration: 15 March 2024

Notification of paper acceptance: end of January 2024

Deadline for abstract submission: 21 January 2024