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Support for research

NEOMA Business School provides its teaching staff with a customised and convivial work environment that favours the production of research. Several top-level support mechanisms are available to the teaching body, throughout their research projects.

A personalised agenda and mentoring

Each member of the teaching staff constructs their own agenda, with the support of their Head of Department. This proactive approach enables time to be released to be exclusively dedicated to Research. It also promotes the devising of initiatives to support the development of Research in the following year: training, workshops, Research in the rough, seminars by department, research coffees, etc.

We offer a mentoring programme to any teaching staff who feel they need it. This partnership with an experienced member of the teaching staff makes it possible to give support to a more junior member of staff in a personalised way and ends with a piece of research done with a view to co-publication.

Many mechanisms for financial support

External finance

Several partners of NEOMA Business School support research projects via dedicated financing (local authorities, the European Commission, etc.). An administrative team supports the teaching staff in the preparation of files at local, national and international level.

Internal finance

NEOMA Business School also supports the launch of relevant research projects thanks to various mechanisms of internal financing (for example, the ‘Seed Money Programme’ for promising new projects). To benefit from this support, the member of staff must demonstrate how their studies align with the strategic vision of the School and its impact on society.

Resources available for publication

A research infrastructure for behavioural studies

For their research project, each member of staff has the benefit of our Behavioural Lab, a research laboratory on the behaviour of individuals. Several specific pieces of equipment enable cutting-edge experimental studies to be set up: consumer behaviour, behavioural finance or organisational behaviour, for example.

Dedicated language support

A copy editor will give staff personalised support to help them improve the quality of writing of research papers intended for international academic journals. He/she will also hold regular seminars entitled ‘Writing for scholarly publications’ in order to increase the chances of publication in these very selective scientific publications.

Documentary resources

The LIBRARY brings together experts in documentary resources whose mission is to provide teaching staff with innovative and effective physical and digital environments, and information and methodological resources.

Access to knowledge, on campus and at a distance

  • Data bases:
    • Financial and stock market: Bloomberg, Refinitiv Datastream, Compustat, Markit Red Entity & Obligation +Credit Default Swap CDS, …
    • Companies: Capital IQ, Orbis, …
    • Academic articles: Science direct, Wiley, Sage, Emerald, …
  • Case studies: the LIBRARY is a member of the CCMP (Centre for Case Studies and Educational Media) and of Case Centre.
  • Collections of physical and digital works.
  • Daily publications, academic and professional journals.
  • Inter-library loan, thanks to the network of French university libraries.


  • Training, Assistance with the use of data bases (research methodology, setting up alerts, etc.)
  • Help with research: drawing up of bibliographies, customised documentary dossiers, etc.
  • Personalised thematic monitoring


The HAL NEOMA Business School portal is the platform archiving the scientific output of the School. It contributes to the international visibility of our researchers and to the reach of the scientific publications. Depositing the whole text of a research document allows it to be referenced on Google Scholar and increases the level of citations.