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Sustainable Finance Conference 2024

NEOMA Business School organises the second edition of the Conference on Sustainable Finance, to be held on the Paris campus on May 23, 2024, in partnership with the Impact Finance Hub at Deakin University, Australia.

Academic sessions will cover the latest advances in all areas related to sustainable finance, such as (but not limited to) Green finance, impact investing, CSR, corporate philanthropy, Big data, FinTech and financial innovation for sustainability, Regulation, disclosure and standardization, measurement issues, etc.

The conference concludes with a Professional Panel discussion, featuring representatives from regulatory institutions, advisers, company executives, fund managers, and other financial institutions, around the challenges and the future of implementing sustainability practices.

The Panel benefits from the generous support of the Global Executive MBA Programme at NEOMA and corporate partners.

The conference will be held in-person for selected papers. We encourage onsite attendance for conference participants but can accommodate online attendance.

Organising Committee

Sara Ain Tommar (NEOMA Business School)

Sami Attaoui (NEOMA Business School)

Emma Li (Deakin University)

Scientific Board

Jung-Hyun Ahn (NEOMA Business School)

Eser Arisoy (NEOMA Business School)

Messaoud Chibane (NEOMA Business School)

Chekib Ezzili (Barclays)

Marc Lenglet (NEOMA Business School)

Jiansun Li (George Mason University)

Andrea Lu (University of Melbourne)

Zhengwei Wang (Tsinghua University (PBCSF))

Luo Yan (Fudan University)


The conference is organised by

Finance for Good sub-area of the World We Want Area of Excellence (NEOMA)

and Impact Finance Hub (Deakin University)

The conference also benefits from the support of NEOMA Global Executive MBA programme and corporate partners.