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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, opens the door to many possibilities and tools to improve the daily life of individuals and businesses. Here are some examples.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, born in the 1960s, pushes companies to take into account the impact of their strategy and management on the environment and society.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a type of artificial intelligence able to learn by itself and to carry out actions without receiving direct instruction. It is an integral part of our Business World.

Design thinking

The objective of the Design Thinking, born in the United States, is to identify and solve problems in a creative way in order to reveal previously unexplored opportunities.

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  • Global executive MBA
Digital transformation

What are the main phases of digital transformation? How to anticipate its impact on the professions? What are the opportunities offered by this digital revolution? How can managers lead this transformation?

  • Executive Education
  • Global executive MBA
Executive Education

In the context of the transformation of professions and questioning of traditional organisational models, training throughout one's life is a necessity in order to maintain a foothold and take a step back in one's career, to re-examine one's aspirations and ambitions.

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  • Global executive MBA
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

The Executive Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA or EMBA) is an international graduate programme in business administration and management. This is an excellent training programme provided by a top tier Business School.

Future of Work

The "Future of Work" attempts to draw the contours of the working world of tomorrow by focusing on the major transformations of organisations, the evolution of job roles, new ways of working (organisation of offices, remote working, etc.), the renewal of leadership and the new aspirations of employees. It's a global study on the current and future composition of the world of work.

Transition CPF

The professional transition CPF in France (Compte Personnel de Formation - Personal Training Account) allows employees to continue to receive remuneration during their training.

Virtual campus

Beyond the purely technological aspect, the virtual campus is a small revolution in the world of higher education, since it opens the way to new methods of teaching and pedagogy, and prepares learners for the latest trends in the organisation of future businesses.