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photo de promo OM CANE
photo de promo OM CANE

The end has arrived for the Crédit Agricole du Nord Est employees on the Objectif Manager programme, designed by NEOMA to meet their long-standing partner’s strategy and managerial needs.

The programme’s 14 participants, all Crédit Agricole du Nord Est employees, a long-standing partner of NEOMA, from a wide range of different backgrounds in terms of position and experience, have acquired new management and banking acculturation skills.

During a ceremony attended by their senior managers and the Objectif Manager and Executive Education teams, the 14 participants were extremely proud to be awarded their diploma. Their huge smiles were clearly visible behind their masks, which could not prevent the new members of the NEOMA network from expressing their deep satisfaction with their achievement.


OM Promo CANE.jpg

Although returning to school, after more than 20 years’ professional experience for some, can be somewhat stressful, joining a diploma-based programme where personal motivation and  investment are key, is obviously crucial for the participants’ careers: “As well as acquiring new knowledge and skills, I was so lucky to be able to share the experience with my 13 classmates and all the professors and lecturers, which allowed me to see beyond my own company context and broaden my horizons. I have since  moved on to a new managerial position in my company’s Skills Development department,” explains Cynthia Canivez, one of the programme’s first graduates and who is now the Training Officer in liaison with the Executive Education teams.

This customised training programme for the Crédit Agricole du Nord Est is part of NEOMA’s aim to develop its regional ties. “We have succeeded in creating a genuine relationship of trust with the Crédit Agricole du Nord Est’s Skills Development team, reflected in the arrival of a third group of 14 new students at the end of November on the Reims Campus!” enthuses Arnaud Hentzen, Exective Education Sales Manager.

Associated programme

Objectif Manager

A springboard into management positions, adapts to your professional schedule and allows you to increase your understanding of key business operations
  • 3 days per months
  • 10 months
  • Reims, Rouen