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Thematics :

The second edition of the open innovation games was held at the premises of Morning Coworking République from April 5 to 7, thanks to the initiative of the Rouen student society, Declic Entreprendre.

Over the course of the weekend, 15 entrepreneurial French Student society delegations went head-to-head on a number of issues proposed by large business groups. The opportunity to propose innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the performance of these companies.


  • Friday evening: each student society pitched their main event. Julien FAYET, CEO of the Schoolab, talked about his experience.
  • Saturday morning: a presentation of one of the internal issues faced by EY: "How to attract intrapreneurial profiles?” The delegations then worked on finding a solution to this concern. Finally, each solution was pitched. The three best projects were invited to visit VivaTech by EY.
  • Saturday afternoon: the National Directorate of State Interventions (DNID) introduced one of their concerns. The DNID is a public body that sells state-owned property and assets. The task was therefore to propose solutions to optimise sales.
  • Sunday morning: the turn of Daimler (Mercedes) to present their problem which focused on car gamification
  • Sunday afternoon: Bureaux à Partager presented their problem about "Inventing tomorrow's co-working space".

By the end of the Weekend, the GEM Entreprendre delegation had scored the most points to win a prize including 1000 euros, plus a one-month strategic training course offered by The Family, direct qualification for the final of the association rankings and a 3-month N26 Black card subscription.


The NEC delegation (from NEOMA Reims) finished in an excellent 4th place, while Déclic Entreprendre finished 9th.

We have had very positive feedback on this weekend,” explains Matthieu Castanie, the Déclic Entreprendre vice-president. “An extremely rewarding event that allowed the different student entrepreneurial society members to meet. Their discussions have resulted in the creation of the Young Entrepreneurship Society (YES) in France: the National Federation of Entrepreneurship Associations. Similar events are therefore likely to see the light of day with this new movement, providing further key entrepreneurship moments.