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NEOMA welcomes seventeen new professors for the start of the 2022 academic year. Recruited for their strong teaching abilities as well as their high level of internationally recognised research, they represent ten different nationalities, with a nearly perfect gender balance of nine women and eight men.

High-level recruitment

Seventeen new international professors, representing ten nationalities, all with doctoral degrees completed or nearly finished, have come to help strengthen the faculty this year. NEOMA’s faculty is made up of 72% international professors, in keeping with the school’s strategic plan that places its international dimension at the heart of its ambitions. “We are delighted to welcome so many diverse profiles, from young PhDs starting out their academic careers, to experienced and recognised researchers,” said Delphine Manceau, NEOMA Business School dean.

With a wealth of expertise connected to the school’s Areas of Excellence, these new professors will contribute to the development of the school’s research and help influence its impact in the academic community, among businesses and in society in general.