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Thematics :

With more than 200 professors, the NEOMA Business School faculty represents its strategic competence base. These are the people that every day create and communicate through all their courses and, more generally to the School’s broader community, new knowledge and management practices. As in previous years, we used different key criteria to select our new recruits.

“We systematically look for professors who combine expert knowledge and  teaching ability, with the aim of offering our students the best learning experience possible while simultaneously enriching the professional world with new practices that are relevant to the modern environment, explains Frank Bostyn. “Their international experience and their proximity to the business world also make a difference.”

For the 2016 new school year, the School has recruited 19 outstanding academics. With expertise in the School’s chosen specialised fields, these new professors significantly strengthen our faculty. This top-level recruitment, in a highly competitive international academic environment, illustrates our School’s dynamism and attractiveness, following on from the recruitment of 15 new first-class international professors in September 2015….  

Marketing Department  

  • KIM Youngju – PhD (Korea University Business School, South Korea) Fields of expertise: Demand Model and Choice Model, Non-compensatory Decision Rules and Consideration Set, Bayesian Statistics in Marketing Research, Entertainment Markets    
  • KIM Tom – currently completing PhD (University of Maryland, USA) Fields of expertise: Consumer Decision Making, Pricing, Medical Decision Making, Advice Taking, Consumer Welfare    
  • AHMAD HUSAIRI Mariyani - PhD (Cardiff University, UK) Fields of expertise: Resource-based View (RBV) and Competitive Dynamics, Innovation    
  • BOZIC Branko - PhD (Glasgow University, UK). Fields of expertise: consumers’ trust recovery    
  • TU Ke (Christy) - currently completing PhD (University of Alberta, Canada) Fields of expertise: Common Goods Consumption, Social Dilemmas, Prosocial Behaviour,          
People & Organisations Department  

  • VEESTRAETEN Marlies - currently completing PhD (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium) Fields of expertise: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management    
  • LÊ Patrick - PhD (Hertie School of Governance, Germany) Fields of expertise: Impact of technological change on people and organizations    
  • YU Yin (Nadia) - currently completing PhD (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China) Fields of expertise: Organizational Politics, Dynamic Team Processes, Individual Initiative    
  • LOIGNON Andrew – currently completing PhD (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA) Fields of expertise: Work groups and teams, Social class in the workplace    
  • RAINERI Nicolas - PhD (Université Laval, Canada) Fields of expertise: Health and well-being, Psychosocial risks, Sick presenteeism, Micro-CSR, Environmental leadership, Employee green behaviours, Retention, Workplace commitment, Citizenship behaviours    
  • SCHYNS Birgit - PhD (Leipzig University, Germany) Fields of expertise: Leadership and career development  
Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs Department  

  • LEE Bryan Byun-Hee  - PhD ( Seoul National University, South Korea) Fields of expertise: Analysts’  forecasts,  Corporate  disclosure,  Investors’  trading  behaviour,  Financial  statement, comparability, Earnings management, Labour unions, Corporate governance    
  • GYAPONG Ernest – currently completing PhD (Griffith University, Australia) Fields of expertise: Corporate Governance, Corporate Social responsibility, Executive Compensation, Earnings Quality and Earnings Management, International Accounting  
Finance Department  

  • TORABI Behnam - currently completing PhD (University of Alberta, Canada) Fields of expertise: Asset Pricing, Financial Regulations, Macro-Finance, Financial Econometrics.    
  • CAO Wenbin - currently completing PhD (University of Oklahoma, USA) Fields of expertise: Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure, Energy Finance, Corporate Finance    
  • OUZAN Samuel - currently completing PhD (HEC Montreal, Canada) Fields of expertise: Financial Management, Behavioural Finance, Financial Economics, Corporate Finance.    
Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department  

  • BAGHERZADEH NIRI Mehdi - currently completing PhD (ESADE Barcelona, Spain) Fields of expertise: Innovation (Collaborative  Innovation;  Open  Innovation,  Inter-Organizational  Collaboration  dynamics,  Innovation  in Coopetition; Governance Mechanism of Collaborative/Open Innovation, Knowledge Management; Survey-based Research, Development and Validation of Scales)    
  • GURCA Andrei - currently completing PhD (Loughborough University, UK) Fields of expertise: Innovation (Innovation management in emerging markets, Strategy implementation, Disruptive innovations, Open innovation, User innovation, Crowdsourcing)  
  • DU Shanqing (Helen) - currently completing PhD (University of Leuven, Belgium) Fields of expertise: International Business, International Strategy, Foreign Direct Investment, Location Strategy, Management, Innovation