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Thematics :

With 8,256 applicants coming out of preparatory classes registered with the Ecricome entrance exam, the NEOMA Business School’s exam participation confirms its top place with preparatory exam students for the number of registered applicants!
This year, 8,256 applicants throughout France choose the common exam* that NEOMA Business School is connected with, increasing its exam participation by 1.8% for registered applicants in all fields.
With these figures, NEOMA Business School takes its place as no. 1 among schools with the largest list of registered applicants. “We watch closely these types of indicators,” said Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School. “Actually, preparatory exam applicants are extremely demanding and pay attention to the developments of the different schools, their offers and assets. The large number in their registration for the NEOMA Business School entrance exam shows great brand recognition for our excellence and our attractiveness."
Several favourable factors in the school explain the success with preparatory exam students, among them being the steady rise of NEOMA Business School in the latest national and international rankings.

*The ECRICOME entrance exam is organised conjointly by NEOMA Business School and KEDGE Business School (Bordeaux and Marseilles).