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NEOMA stable dans les classements
NEOMA stable dans les classements

Considering how atypical the past year was due to the pandemic, it is hard to analyse the school’s results in the various rankings. Nevertheless, it can be said that in general the school remained stable in the French rankings and saw a net improvement in the prestigious Financial Times rankings.

The health and economic crisis had a major impact on the higher education sector around the world, and the media outlets that publish the rankings of the best business schools took this event into consideration. Certain publications even refused to put out a general ranking in order to place more focus on several thematic rankings, such as Le Point.

In the French rankings

NEOMA consolidated its overall positions:

  • L’Etudiant: 7th place (=)
  • Le Figaro: 9th place (-1 place)
  • Le Point: this year the magazine focused on several thematic rankings.
    The MiM hold the following places:

    • Educational support: 7th place
    • Professional integration programmes: 7th place
    • Multicultural exposure: 9th place
    • Research: 9th place


Given the change in methodology, it is overall difficult to compare these rankings with last year’s results. We can simply refer to stability because we held 8th place in last year’s general rankings.

  • Le Parisien: 7th place (=)

In the international rankings

NEOMA further enhanced its recognition in the global higher education landscape and solidified its ambition to be the innovative challenger among the biggest international business schools:

  • Financial Times 2020 Masters in Management 2020:
    • 28th world ranking (+ 15 places)
    • 5th place in France (+ 3 places)
  • Financial Times 2020 European Business Schools 2020:
    • 39th European ranking (+ 11 places)
    • 8th place in France (+ 2 places)

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