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Congratulations to the students involved in this accreditation initiative, which aims to provide the behavioural skills needed to be proactive in bringing about change within companies and, more broadly, within society at large. Testimonies.

Cristal, Tia, and Natacha were among the 28 students of NEOMA Master in Management programme who seized the diversity management training opportunity proposed by the School. A few days after the Handimanager Certification award ceremonies held during Impact Now week, they spoke about their experience.


Over the last few months, I had the privilege of attending the Handimanager training course run by Companieros and proposed to us by NEOMA… and I managed to obtain my certificate and I am so proud! I hope I can now help people with disabilities to integrate the professional world better. Thank you so much for this enjoyable and highly useful training!” says Cristal, NEOMA MiM student.




tia-NEOMABeyond the classes on theory, the training allowed me to understand the issues related to the different disabilities in the workplace, meet people with disabilities and above all how to be pro-active towards their inclusion,” says Tia, NEOMA MiM student.





“This training has allowed me to change my outlook on disability issues. It is time to learn from diversity and dare to change our management style towards more inclusion and respect for all people and thereby give a sense of meaning to work. I am delighted to have obtained this certification made available by my School, thank you for this rewarding and humane opportunity!” says Natacha, NEOMA MiM student.




“I am proud of the choice made by these students to acquire new diversity management skills alongside their studies. Bravo for your commitment!” says Céline Articlaut, Diversity Officer, who extends her thanks to @Talent Egal and Crédit Agricole Normandie Seine, partners of this certification.


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