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At the end of September 2021, the new participants of the 2nd NEOMA Chinese GEMBA gathered in Shanghai for the launch of their programme. Following an online introduction by the NEOMA teams, the evening concluded with a networking event with NEOMA Alumni.

Olivier Lefaivre, Director of the Global EMBA Business Unit, and Sami Attaoui, the programme’s Academic Director, gave an emotional online welcome to the participants of the 2nd Global Executive MBA Chinese Track. Delphine Manceau, NEOMA Dean, also gave a video address to the new participants, who are all experienced executives from different business sectors (energy, IT, Telecoms, finance, etc.) or entrepreneurs looking to develop their managerial and leadership skills and thereby improve their career opportunities in management.

These participants are to follow the same programme as the GEMBA France Track participants and will attend a number of joint seminars and workshops on the Virtual Campus over the next few months, which will provide an opportunity for a wide range of rewarding multicultural exchanges.

As the day drew to a close, a dozen NEOMA graduates currently working in China came to meet the new participants during a networking event. The event was also attended by the group of participants who began the China Track programme last April. All those present chatted over champagne tasting session coordinated by Charles Carrard, MiM graduate and Chinese CEO of Boisset, La Famille des Grands vins, and assisted by Agnès Flouquet, General Manager of NEOMA Alumni.

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Global Executive MBA

Expand your strategic skills, your leadership and your network with this programme of excellence.
  • Part time
  • 15 to 20 months
  • Paris, Shanghai, Tehran